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London Laundry Service Near You

There are various local laundry services to be located in the London regions. BestatLaundry is used for reducing your time who is sitting near the washing machine for wash your clothes. It is not necessary because we offer quick laundry services with the simple press to pick up your laundries.

Each and every cloth item is inspected by our team with the attention for the purpose of protect all the garments before it goes to the washing. We concentrate the clothes with embroidery and buttons during washing process.

We always focus on the quality of any clothes. Especially, linens are ensured with proper ironing after laundry which is good in appearance. So, you can save your time as well as satisfied with our quality.

With the help of branded detergent, our cleaning team does the laundry in hygienic way and return back to the customers with neat finishing. The special thing is that our team will do the extra soak by hand after completing the machine washed process. It gives fine result and additional satisfaction.

One of the other benefits is to remove the stains. For that, we use special technique through our technicians which gives best result even it is in any materials. At the end, we inspect the cloths by hand to check any missing buttons, tears and herms for correct it before delivery.

Pickup and Delivery

During booking for pickup and delivery, we charged a fee £4. But, we offer free pickup and delivery if you are giving more than 30 cloth items. The available time is 6P.M to 10.30P.M for only pickup and delivery. So, you have to order before 5P.M and our team will reach on the same day to pick up your clothes. We are working from Monday to Saturday.


We accept and response the order immediately. Then, we do it the laundry services within 48 hours. We accept the order through email, website, phone call and text message. You have to provide your full name, contact number, contact address and mention the day for pickup. We offer 10% discount for every new customer.

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