Ironing Service in London

In London, there are so many laundry services which are available at almost all the location because people do not like to travel far also it is difficult to find. We provide the ideal services for hostel and hotel when they have enough laundry facility. You can make your own laundry if you do not prefer to pay the fees for laundry services.

Best ironing Services in London

The best and professional ironing service in London is likely to be zip jet which provides the good and premium services for laundry and dry cleaning along with neat ironing. At your doorsteps, we will come to collect your clothes and deliver it back perfectly. It depends on your convenient time. We ensure to give it back with clean and good services. For your satisfaction, we include the shirt pressing and steam iron technology for the purpose of providing your clothes with neat finish. It is the responsibility of our cleaning team experts.

The major ironing clothes are like cotton shirts and trousers which are under the premium dry cleaning and hand ironed. It is the responsibility of our ironing team experts. Please verify about our charges in the Ironed Laundry and Dry Cleaning price list which includes all the cost of services.

We offer this service in different locations such as Swiss Cottage, Notting Hill, Belsize Park, Paddington and Hampstead.

Self Service Laundry in London

You can do your own laundry services like wash, dry and iron your cloths through self service which is possible in coin operated machine along with the dryer. The cost of fee is for huge sized machine to be charged around £6 -£7 and for normal sized machine to be charged around £4. Both take the time to complete the process if 35 minutes. But, tumble dryer’s cost is quite varied because we charge extra pay like £2 to £3 which is only for normal load.

Self service laundry in London is best decision which saves your time. Even though, most of them use self service, we have enough staff to reduce their precious time to spend in their laundry. We provide option to select your washing powder and liquid as per your need. We are not using any cheaper products which are available in the supermarket. One important thing is closing time so you have to come 60 minutes before the closing time for self service laundry through coin operation.

Washing Services

Most of the laundry services are putting extra charges in London because most probably it starts around £10 for normal washing service. Our service is little bit cheaper when compared to others because we charge minimum pay which is affordable to all.

Laundry Collection and Delivery Services

Our team will come at your doorstep to for collection and delivery even you are located at any hotels, home and apartment.

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