Hassle-free dry cleaning from your place

Certain factors worry you to check for a dry cleaning service like distance, time, price, and delivery. You may not find a proficient dry cleaner in your busy schedule in your area. Then you need to walk far or travel to get your garments dry clean. Only a few dry cleaners deliver the garments to the customer's doorsteps.

What if you could get them done at a click?

Bestatlaundry helps you find a professional dry cleaning service near you in London. You can entrust our service for laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing the clothes. Our quality of service reflects on your newly delivered garments. We guarantee the color and texture of the fabric you submit to us.

Do you wonder how to trust our guarantee for your garments?

Our laundry partners use eco-friendly washing procedures. They avoid abrasive chemicals that would cause damage to the garments as well as the environment. The garments never shrink, expand, distort, or decolorize as we follow traditional techniques.

Why should you choose us for a dry cleaning service?

Household chores like cleaning, washing, and tidying the mess will consume your entire weekend. You may not be able to rest or spend quality time with your family. We help you in simplifying your chores. Book for laundry service with us and get your work done with no worries. We use a high-tech cleaning process for dry cleaning your garments. Traditional methods for delicate clothes, advanced technology for hard, removable stains, linen clothes treated differently, etc.

How Bestatlaundry works?

We collect, wash and deliver the laundry to your doorstep on time!

  1. Visit the Bestatlaundry service website and book a service by entering the postal code. Once you enter the postcode of your area, you can know the availability of service near your region.
  2. Enter the laundry details like the number of items for service (shirts, linen, kids wear, and so on) or kilograms of laundry added for service. By selecting the laundry items, you can know the price for your quantity.
  3. Add personal details like name, address, and contact details. You can also review and track the processing of your order. You can add a profile picture to your account.
  4. Once your order is confirmed, your garments will be moved to laundry shops to clean, iron, and fold.
  5. We deliver the clean laundry to the address shared by the customer.

Process assistance and service for free of cost

Our team of experts will cater to your needs and assist you throughout the process. We will arrive at your doorstep to collect and deliver your garments. We charge no fee for both collecting and delivering at your place. We aspire to provide feasible and affordable laundry and ironing service closer to you.

It's your time now!

Get in touch today! We'd assure to make you experience unimaginable service. We'd love to help you reduce your chores.