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We are inspired by nature, and we believe that the greatest laundry service rests solely at the intersection of fashion and lifestyle. We believe that however far you are away from home, a home should be everywhere you find yourself. So yes, our kind of laundry is more than a means to an end, we gift you the pleasure of helping you express your style with confidence. Walk the streets of London in grand style. We value customizing our services to customers’ needs, nothing else comes first.

Laundry Today is a Central London based laundry and dry cleaning collective. We find immense pleasure in being there for your apparels, right from collection to delivery. We are focused on gifting this creative and sophisticated delivery services to not just natives but also tourists finding a space for expression in London.

We are not just a neighborhood secret, we work to expel every piece of dirty clothing off your suitcases/wardrobe. But whether working for natives working at their offices, or tourists finding bliss in our giant city of lights, Laundry Today continues to ensure immaculate services is as its core.

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